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Customizable analytics solutions designed to help your organization maximize the power of data.

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Stop Chasing Big Data. Harness Smart Data.

Harness the power of smart data with our data management applications. From predictive analytics to detailed reporting, our applications empower you to lead your business with confidence.

RezIntel—Discover the Story in Your Organization's Data

RezIntel helps organizations optimize performance by aggregating and consolidating data from disparate sources, streamlining processes, optimizing transparency across broad categories, and facilitating strategic insight.

Getting in front of current trends and spend history, RezIntel provides predictive data analysis on specific initiatives, measures changes, and enables you to design and implement strategies that will optimize your business.

RezEvents—Maximize Event ROI with Detailed Analytics

When executing large-scale events, proper data management is paramount in determining ROI. But this is no small undertaking. From overall event planning to managing attendee travel schedules, it’s easy to fall behind on reporting, and once you’re behind, it’s hard to catch up.

RezEvents is a dynamic reporting application designed specifically for meeting and event management. Its user-friendly design makes viewing and assessing data a simple task by providing instant awareness for active meetings.

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